GUNMA Convention Center

12-24 Iwaoshimachi, Takasaki-shi, Gunma 370-0044, Japan

Designated administrator:
Operative Joint Venture of G MESSE GUNMA
Representative company:
  • Tel: +81-27-322-2100
  • Fax: +81-27-384-8018

Overview of G MESSE GUNMA

On April 2020,
The large scale convention center will be opened in Takasaki-shi, Gunma prefecture where is the important point of the transportation located in the central part of Japan.

The features of G MESSE GUNMA

  • The location is 15 minutes walk from JR Takasaki station where both of Joetsu
    and Hokuriku Bullet train (Shinkansen) stops at.
    And visitors can arrive at the location in 60 minutes approximately
    from Tokyo station.
  • We prepare more than 30,000 ㎡ indoor and outdoor exhibition space,
    Main Hall which can accommodates 1,000 people, and 17 conference
    facilities combining large and small conference rooms in 110,000 ㎡ site.
  • It is possible for organizers to hold the international conferences, the concerts
    which mobilizes 10,000 people, the large-scale exhibition and wide range of
UNESCO World Heritage
Tomioka Silk Mill

Accommodation Facilities around G MESSE GUNMA and Tourism Resources

  • There are hotels offering approximately 3,500 rooms in total around JR Takasaki Station and Maebashi Station.
  • There is a lot of attractive tourism resources such as Tomioka Silk Mill which
    has been registered as a world heritage. In addition, locations where
    visitors can enjoy and feel the rich nature such as hot springs in Kusatsu,
    Ikaho, Isobe, Minakami and Shima.
    Visitors may have good time visiting these attractive locations after

Exhibition Hall

Overview of Exhibition Hall
Floor Space
Whole area: 10,000 ㎡ (126m×80m)
Divided area: 3,300 ㎡ each
[Standing room]
10,000 people approximately (whole area)
2,500 people approximately (1/3 area) [Classroom style]
2,350 people approximately (1/3 area) [Theater style]
10,000 people approximately (whole area)
2,500 people approximately (1/3 area)
Exhibition booth
482 booths (whole area), 160 booths (1/3 area)

Outdoor Exhibition Space

Outdoor Exhibition Hall
Surface Space
Over 20,000 ㎡ (Paved part: 13,000 ㎡, Unpaved part: 9,000 ㎡)

Available to hold events and exhibitions using the spacious environment with over 20,000 ㎡ exhibition space.

Main Hall

Main Hall
Floor Space
Whole area: 1,330 ㎡
Divided area: 443 ㎡ each
[Whole area] Theater style: 1,000 people, Classroom style: 810 people, Buffet Party: 1,000 people approximately
[2/3 area] Theater style: 700 people, Classroom style: 513 people, Buffet Party: 700 people approximately
[1/3 area] Theater style: 350 people, Classroom style: 255 people, Buffet Party: 350 people approximately

It is available to hold wide range of events such as the exhibition of local industries, the lecture of local associations and the reception.

Conference Hall

  • Conference Hall

  • Viewing Lounge
Floor Space
Whole area: 650 ㎡
Divided area: 325 ㎡ each
[Whole area] Theater style: 500 people, Classroom style: 360 people, Buffet Party: 500 people approximately
[Divided area] Theater style: 264 people, Classroom style: 180 people, Buffet Party: 250 people approximately

Conference Hall can be usable jointly with Viewing Lounge, where the mountains in Gunma present attractive panorama.

Interior decorations of Conference Hall imaging the view of mountains in Gunma offer cozy atmosphere for receptions and conferences.

Conference Rooms

Medium Conference Room
Floor Space
4 rooms in total with 300 ㎡ each. Dividable into 150 ㎡ each.

Whole area: 300 ㎡ each

Divided area: 150 ㎡ each
[Whole area] Theater style: 200 people, Classroom style: 162 people
[Divided area] Theater style: 100 people, Classroom style: 90 people

The various ways of the usages are available such as workshops and conferences.

Small Conference Room
Floor Space
4 rooms in total

3F: 75 ㎡

4F: 85 ㎡
[3F] Theater style: 40 people, Classroom style: 30 people[4F] Theater style: 40 people, Classroom style: 36 people

The organizers can use this rooms as the waiting room for the large-scale event or seminar, workshop.

Parking Area

  • Large-sized motor vehicle/minibus: 49 cars
  • Standard-sized motor vehicle: 1,918 cars


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